What is the BEST photoshop version available, i dont care about the price!?

Answer 6 probably. 7 isn't all that more complicated but it adds more brushes and costs a lot more. CS is seriously updated, but is hard to use for starters. 6 is probably your best bet for its simplicity... Read More »

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What is the best home theatre system ever i dont care about the price i do care about the POWER!?

Are their any good cheap shoes websites, i dont care if their fake as long as i dont get ripped off plese help?

If they're cheap, and they break after a week, YOU WILL be getting ripped off! I've had that happened to med. You can pay a little bit more if shoes last for years, so wearing fakes also help supp... Read More »

Is there a version of Photoshop Elements 6 for a Mac?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 for the Mac was released during the second quarter of 2008. The system requires include OS X, 512 MB Ram, and 64MB of VRAM, bundled in a system with at least a G4/G5 or a... Read More »

Looking for an inexpensive version of Photoshop or similar,,?

Gimp is the most powerful option, and the closest free image editor to Photoshop in its capabilities. However, it does have a rather steep learning curve. To help you, there are lots of user groups... Read More »