What is the BEST mattress I could use for my sleeping problems?

Answer like the girl listed below: tempurpedic is the best!!my dad has broken his collar bone and it is hard for him to lay on his side, but now that we have tempurpedic he sleeps all night! Here is some... Read More »

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What is the best mattress for sleeping?

On One Hand: Doctors Recommend Various Mattress TypesVarious mattress types fit different sleeping need, according to doctors. The Mayo Clinic suggests sleeping on a pressure-reducing mattress fill... Read More »

What is the best mattress for sleeping on my side?

On One Hand: Try a medium firm mattressBecause back sleepers tend to put more weight, and therefore more pressure, on a smaller area, they tend to prefer springier mattresses. Therefore, a medium f... Read More »

If one of your parents had sleeping problems could you have them too?

It very well could, but it could also be a lot of other things too, my dad had a hard time sleeping untill he made my mom move into the guest room, now he sleeps ok, but I just can't sleep, or not ... Read More »

Which is the best mattress for back problems?

On One Hand: Orthopaedic Mattresses Are a Good ChoiceOrthopaedic mattresses are designed to give firm but comfortable support. These mattresses are the traditional choice for people with bad backs.... Read More »