What is the BEST LAPTOP in the market right now?

Answer Alienware are mighty nice if you want good processing speed, graphics, etc, especially if you're a gamer.

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Which is the best laptop in the market ?

Toshiba is the best. They have the best Warranty too.

What is the best laptop on the market today?

I think Dell's still the best laptop. They offer good products at practical prices.

Survey: What is the fastest, bestest, cheapest laptop with dual (sp) core on the market?

quad core honey with 4 gig ram.As for cheap try a Penfoldium 4 with 200 kilo bytes of memory and 2 bytes of Ram but the hard drive holds a whooping 1 mega byte. You'll need 3 triple A batteries and... Read More »

What was the longest bear market in stock market history?

The longest bear market was from September 1929 to July 1932, according to BBC News. Not only was it the longest bear market, but the markets also did not recover from that slump for 22 months. The... Read More »