What is the BEST LAPTOP in the market right now?

Answer Alienware are mighty nice if you want good processing speed, graphics, etc, especially if you're a gamer.

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What is the best laptop on the market today?

I think Dell's still the best laptop. They offer good products at practical prices.

What is the Best Android on the Market right now besides the Samsung Galaxy 3?

I would like to know what you guys think about the BEST camcorders on the market right now Thanks.?

Of course, price will determine quality and features. I'm assuming you're looking for a consumer-level one, under $500? I think the Panasonic 3 chip (3ccd) cams are a good buy. Spend $6 and buy a o... Read More »

What do you feel is the best laptop released right now?

If I could afford it, I would buy a Lenovo X300...So that's my answer. It is everything a laptop should be.