What is the BBC radio 5 wave length?

Answer even if you look hard you will never find it. so just Google "bbc iplayer d" and click the link

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What wave length is BBC radio 5?

The BBC hasn't got a specific 'Talent' agencies, It uses a various amount of 'Talent' agencies!

How to Figure Out Wave Length?

A wave is defined as an oscillating or vibrating particle about a fixed interval that transfers energy from one point to another. The majority of waves are classified as transverse or longitudinal... Read More »

Is WiFi a radio wave?

Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, is a radio wave. Wi-Fi allows computers to connect to networks, like the Internet, through radio waves instead of having a physical connection through a cord. Wi-Fi has... Read More »

How much energy does a radio wave have?

On One Hand: Very Little EnergyThe energy of a radio wave ranges from about 0.4 nano-electron volts to 0.1 milli-electron volts per photon associated with the wave. This can be determined from the... Read More »