What is the Average Salary of a Nursing Career?

Answer ItÕs difficult to compute an average salary for a nursing career simply because there are so many certifications and specialties. For example, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) earns about $16 to $... Read More »

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What is the average mid-career salary of a anesthesiologist?

According to an April 2010 salary survey by the private company, the median expected annual salary of an anesthesiologist with between 10 and 19 years of work experience falls between ... Read More »

The Average Salary of Career Counselors in Colleges?

Career counselors are charged with helping their clientele obtain jobs or progress in the career track of their choice. For career counselors who work in colleges and universities, the job is esse... Read More »

What is the Average Nursing Salary in Kansas?

There are two types of nurses in Kansas: licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs). RNs work under the supervision of physicians in hospitals, doctors' offices and other health c... Read More »

What is the Average Salary of a Legal Nursing Consultant?

A salaried legal nursing consultant typically earns around $80,000 annually. However, many legal nursing consultants are independent contractors, and therefore, charge hourly. Hourly rates typicall... Read More »