What is the Average Blood Sugar Level in the Body?

Answer The average blood sugar level in the body is 70 mg/dL to 130 mg/dL before eating a meal, or lower than 180 mg/dL up to two hours after a meal.Source:,,u... Read More »

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How does your body usually controls the blood sugar level?

It is controlled by the insulin produced in your pancreas. A breakdown in the is system can result in diabetes. Source(s):

What Is the Average Blood Sugar Level?

Blood sugar levels vary throughout the day. In general, a good blood sugar level before a meal is between 80 and 120. Within two hours following a meal, blood sugar should shoot up to 160 or less. ... Read More »

Average Blood Sugar Level - How to Keep Yours Low and Healthy?

Is your blood sugar amount too high? Are you diabetic or predisposed to becoming a diabetic? Regardless of your affairs it is acceptable to adjust your sugar levels, lifestyle, and habits in adjust... Read More »

Type 2 Diabetic and my average blood sugar level is 90 to 100, is that good or bad?

You should understand that Type 2 is not a simple, one note, sort of problem. There are Type 2's who don't need medication, just some exercise, weight loss and care in eating (less junk food). som... Read More »