Is Exodus Chapter 24 a new covenant or a renewed covenant?

Answer In the Christian Bible, Chapter 24 of the Book of Exodus details the circumstances surrounding Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. The promise made between God and the Israelites is know... Read More »

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What is a new covenant?

"New covenant" was a term that former President Bill Clinton often used to describe his policies. The former president included the phrase in the title of many of his speeches during his campaign ... Read More »

When did the New Covenant begin?

The New Covenant began with Jesus' death on the cross. It fulfilled God's promise to Israel of salvation, restoration as written in Jeremiah 31:31-34. Jeremiah identified the New Covenant as a time... Read More »

Is the New Covenant the same as the New Testament?

The New Testament refers to the second part of the Christian Bible, but it does contain scripture about God's new covenant with humanity, which forgives man for his sins, according to Encyclopedia ... Read More »

How to Describe the Ark of the Covenant?

While it is unknown what the Ark of the Covenant truly looks like, we do have an idea from the descriptions of it in Exodus. The Ark of the Covenant was created by Bezalel, one the Jews who had fle... Read More »