What is the Arabic word for peace?

Answer Salaam is the Arabic word for peace. In Arabic, salaam alaykum translates to "Peace be with you." The words "Islam" and "salaam" both come from the same root, "salima," according to Sayyid Muhammad... Read More »

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What is the Arabic word for"death"?

There are several words in Arabic that can be translated as "death," but the most accurate would be the words "maut" or "almaut." There is a strong etymological similarity between the Latin term fo... Read More »

What does the Arabic word abu mean?

The Modern Standard Arabic word "abu" means father. It is commonly used in addressing all fathers. For example, if a man has a son named Khalid, his friends and family may call the man Abu Khalid, ... Read More »

What is the word wali means in Arabic?

Wali is an Arabic word meaning "trusted one".Wali is a word which has a vast range of meaanings,even oposite meanings toolike it means servant and master also means loved ones, friend

What does the Arabic word"jihad"mean?

According to, jihad essentially means to struggle and this can apply to a personal struggle against one's own darker nature, a struggle against social injustice, or a phsyica... Read More »