What is the American word for refrigerator?

Answer Frigidaire was brand name which was shortend to "Fridge" and used generically to all brands.

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How long does deli American cheese stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Up to a week if kept in the refrigerator before mold begins to grow.

What is the name of the American game show with the British female emcee and the exit word was Goodbye'?

assuming you think you're smarter than a 5th grader no i think you just go to their site, send a cover letter to their email address telling them why you want to be on the show, (kinda l... Read More »

What word follows 'iron' to make the name given to an early steam locomotive especially in the american west?

What are the refrigerator brands in India that use Hitachi compressor other than Hitachi refrigerator itself as of today?

Earlier Alwyn refrigerators used to sport Hitachi compressors.