What is the Air Forces' modo?

Answer ALARM GREEN- attack is not probableALARM YELLOW- attack is probable in less than 30 minsALARM RED with wavering tone- attack by air or missile is imminent or in progressALARM RED with bugle call-to... Read More »

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How can you resolve membrane forces on a double layer barrel shell roof to member forces?

It will still be with the records department of whatever city and state you were born in

Active duty applied for Special Forces had jaw broken last night will have to have surgerywill I still be able to join Special Forces with a metal plate?

if you do not have any dependents you will have to live on base in the dormitories for an specific amount of time (each base may be different). If you remain single, you will eventually be told tha... Read More »

How are Special Operations Forces normally presented to a Joint Forces Commander to conduct operations?

Withou a doubt, the Russian Spetsnaz, US Navy seals, Green Berets, TF-144, Germany, the Polish GROM, British SAS and the Canadian JTF-2 (Joint Task Force 2). The Canadian Special ops have only lost... Read More »

Top 10 air forces?

1. Pakistan2. USAF3. RAF4. China5. Russia6. France7. Germany8. South Korea9. Singapore10. Israel