What is the Advantage of a Tag Axle for a Motor Home?

Answer A tag axle is a third axle located behind the rear drive axle of a motor home. It is a non-drive axle with one or two tires on each side. The main purpose of a tag axle is to increase the support o... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Mechanical Advantage for a Wheel and Axle?

The wheel and axle is one of the six simple machines. Its is characterized by a wheel that rotates around a central point or axle. This simple machine allows a force applied to an object with a lar... Read More »

1972 Winnebago Motor Home Motor Information?

Winnebago Industries, founded in 1958, is one of the top manufacturers of motor homes in the United States. In 1972, it offered 11 models in three series that included the economical Brave-Series, ... Read More »

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How to Change an Axle Shaft in a Dana Axle?

The axle shaft is located inside the axle, and connects to gears inside the differential and transmits power to your wheels. The axle shaft endures stress and torque. If it fails, you will need to... Read More »