What is the 80 percent versus 60 percent in insurance plans?

Answer Answer I would assume its 80/20 or 60/40, that would normally mean that you pay a minimum of 20 or 40 percent of each accident/ hospital visit. Contact your agent for a full explaination.

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If you have medical insurance at work that pays 80 percent of medical bills can you get additional coverage for the other 20 percent?

Yes and no.There are supplemental insurance programs available - do an internet search for "supplemental insurance."Programs such as these will help pay that remaining percentage - in most cases, a... Read More »

Is it legal for an employer to pay 40 percent of an employee's salary while that employee is collecting 60 percent of his salary in disability insurance payments?

If coverage under a company plan pays 50 percent for root canal and crowns can you get a supplemental plan that covers part or all of the other 50 percent?

Answer I have not seen a supplemental policy that would cover the difference. If you did happen to be lucky enough to find such a policy that would, make sure there is not a limitation for a "pre-e... Read More »

What percent of Americans have health insurance?

According to a July 2009 Gallup poll, approximately 83.8 percent of people in the United States have health insurance. A 2008 U.S. Census Bureau report estimated that 84.7 percent of Americans have... Read More »