What does the 8th Commandment mean?

Answer As listed in Exodus 20, a book in the Old Testament of the Bible, the 8th Commandment is "Thou shalt not steal." This means that no person should steal or take any item from another.Source:Bible Ga... Read More »

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If you're the King of Basel.....what is your first commandment?

First of all unless you are an EU / EEA citizen you will need to apply for a work visa which is a lot harder to get than a US Green card.Also to run your business as a vet you will have to hold a d... Read More »

Where can you find an article about the first commandment?

Is the 2nd commandment found in the New Testament?

The original Ten Commandments are found in the Old Testament. However, the New Testament does restate each of the commandments, including the second. In 1 John 5:21 and Acts 17:29, the command rega... Read More »

How does the great commandment teach us about the ten commandments?

This is Jesus' commandment. It sums up the all the Ten commandments.

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