What is the old kids show where there were two fluffy animals that sat on a couch and transported to another planet and saved the aliens and planet?

Answer it was called 'tiny planets', it was on noggin back in the day and featured two characters named bing and bong :)

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On TV's 'ALF' - what planet was ALF from?

Alf, short for Alien Life Form (real name: Gordon Shumway) is from Melmac.

What planet orbits farthest from the sun?

The dwarf planet Pluto has an orbit that for the vast majority of time makes it the farthest planet from the sun. However, the orbit is so eccentric that Pluto's path sometimes brings it inside of ... Read More »

What planet did master yoda come from?

His planet of origin is unknown (but remote) however, he lives on Dagobah after the clone wars and his exile. master yoda did not have an exile he hid there and died ther so he would not be killed ... Read More »

What planet is 82 light years from Earth?

Andal, the Andalite homeworld. Planets that far away, though they probably exist are not known and cannot therefore have any names except in fiction.