What is the name of the pub in Lord of the Rings?

Answer The Green Dragon is the one that Rosie Cotton works in. The Prancing Pony is the one in Bree where they meet Aragorn.

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What is the meaning of the ring from lord of the rings?

The "One Ring" from the "Lord of the Rings" movies is primarily known for its role in the book, but also has several different meanings attached to it.What it Looks LikeThe ring is a golden ring in... Read More »

What is the importance of the ring that gollum has in the hobbit and The Lord of the rings?

The ring is the dark lord Sauron's. It turns mortals invisible and lets Sauron see them. Sauron is trying to get his ring back. To Sauron, it gives him powers like a god. It has possessed gollum an... Read More »

What is the Lord of the Rings "riff/hook/epic moment sound" called?

How to Love Lord of the Rings?

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