What is the 2003 Jamaican 25-cent coin made out of?

Answer Jamaican 25-cent coins from 2003 are made of copper-plated steel. The 25-cent coins were introduced by the Jamaican government in 1995. Coins of this design are still in use as of March 2010.Source... Read More »

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What year was the first U.S. 5-cent coin made?

The U.S. five-cent piece was introduced in 1792 and is known as the "Birch Half Disme" by collectors. This version of the nickel lasted until 1794, when it was replaced by the "Flowing Hair" half d... Read More »

Who is on the 5 cent coin?

President Thomas Jefferson is on the five-cent coin, more commonly called the nickel. On the other side, the coin has either the bison or the view of the Pacific Ocean seen by Lewis and Clark.Refer... Read More »

Who is on the U.S. 10-cent coin?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the 10-cent coin. Before him, from the minting of the dime until 1946, Lady Liberty was on it. The 10-cent coin is currently the thinnest and smallest, even th... Read More »

Who was on the 1/2 cent coin?

The fronts of half-cent coins featured the head of Lady Liberty. Liberty's head underwent five different designs between 1793 and 1857, which was the period when half-cent coins were minted.Referen... Read More »