What is the 180 degree longitude line?

Answer The 180 degree longitude line marks the halfway point on the circumference of the globe. The beginning point is the Greenwich Meridian, which is located at 0 degrees. The 180 degree line is also kn... Read More »

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How to Drywall Tape a Straight Line on 45 Degree Angled Joints?

Tapping a 45 degree joint can be challenging at first glance. However, if you use the proper tools the job will be easy to complete and it will look professional. Does this Spark an... Read More »

How to Tape a Straight Line Inside a 45-Degree Angled Joint in Drywall?

A drywall corner at a 45 degree angle is not very common. However there are situations when this angle is needed. One time a 45 degree angle occurs is when someone is converting an attic to living... Read More »

What are Latitude & Longitude?

Latitude and longitude are the geographic coordinates used to define any location on Earth. Longitude and latitude are measured in degrees since the Earth is a sphere. These coordinates are most ... Read More »

How long is 1 second longitude?

Lines of longitude run from the North Pole to the South Pole. They vary in width, since they are farther apart at the equator. Each second of longitude represents a distance of 30.92 meters or 101.... Read More »