What to do at a 16th birthday party?

Answer On One Hand: "Grease"-Style Sock HopFor a co-ed party, consider renting a hall and holding a 50s-style sock hop. Invite the children to dress in 50s retro clothing, and serve diner food, play oldi... Read More »

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What are some ideas for my 16th Birthday?

Well or also can go out for nice restrant to eatOr also can do regular Birthday PartyHave night out Finger foodPizzawingschicken tendersor also can do a vegtable platter with ranch dip

What are great , fun restaurants to eat at for my 16th birthday?

Dave & Busters, Buffets, Chuck E. Cheese, Bubba Gumps, and Bowling centers.

What was it like to live in the 16th century?

In 16th-century Europe, there was a vast difference in living conditions for the rich and the poor. However, life spans were shorter for everyone because of rampant diseases and poor sanitation.Clo... Read More »

What are the correct Songs & Words for 92.5 JOE & 103.9 CISN in Edmonton for Thursday, July 16th?

Answers for CISN 103.9 EdmontonListen & Win7am Song = You Belong To Me7:15 Word = SomedayBBFF = Take Your Memory With You9am Song = Sweet ThingWork Word = Cable10:15 Word = Strange12pm Artist = Tay... Read More »