What is the 15 15 15 on fertilizer bags?

Answer The ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium is what the numbers '15-15-15' indicate on fertilizer bags. That's why such fertilizers often are called 'NPK' fertilizers. That's also why the numbe... Read More »

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What is the 16 16 16 on fertilizer bags?

I think it relates to the mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium I don't get the 16 as a measure but this is what they represent. 16-16-16 is the relative percentage % of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorou... Read More »

Why is organic fertilizer better than inorganic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer?

It's better because organic fertilizer contains no chemicals that could / may kill the plant faster than using inorganic that contains man-made things that WILL kill your plants faster Organic fer... Read More »

There was a blast in TX at a fertilizer plant. Will the govt make us pass fertilizer background checks now?

Already has. To work around it or buy large quantities like a farmer does takes special training. And permits. Special storage for some things. And proper posting and logging of it. It is regu... Read More »

I'm a first time p-patch participant. Does the soil already have fertilizer or do I need to use fertilizer?

Topsoil has some fertilizer already in it but it doesn't hurt to enrich it. Miracle grow moisture control (keeps the soil moist so you don't have to water as much) and potting soil has plant food i... Read More »