What is the 10th wedding anniversary called?

Answer Traditionally, the tenth anniversary is known as the tin or aluminum anniversary and it was customary to give gifts of tin or aluminum to your spouse. More recently, diamond jewelry is given for th... Read More »

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What do you give for a 10th wedding anniversary?

On One Hand: Traditional Gifts: Tin or AluminumThe 10th anniversary is traditionally symbolized by gifts made of tin or aluminum. The idea is that a marriage that has lasted a full decade is one th... Read More »

What is the second wedding anniversary called?

The second wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the cotton anniversary. Appropriately, gifts made of cotton are given on the second anniversary. Cotton gift ideas include rugs, hammocks, l... Read More »

What is the 5th wedding anniversary called?

The 5th wedding anniversary is known as the "wooden anniversary." The traditional gift is anything made of wood such as furniture, wooden statues, a jewelery box or an engraved shadow box.Source:Ha... Read More »

What is the 40th wedding anniversary called?

The ruby gemstone, fiery red and usually originating in Thailand or Burma, is the symbol of the 40th wedding anniversary. The 40th anniversary, therefore, is called the "ruby" anniversary. Objects... Read More »