What is the 100th even number?

Answer Two hundred is the 100th even number. Find the answer using the formula 2*n; n is 100 in this case. Multiply two times 100 to find the solution of 200.References:"Teaching and Learning Algebra"; Do... Read More »

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What is a 100th cousin?

No one can make such a connection because the needed records do not exist except perhaps for some descendants of Confucius, but a 100th cousin would be the 99-great grandchild of the sibling of one... Read More »

100th Day Math Activities?

Celebrating the 100th day of school is a great way to engage children in the learning process. Counting down the days utilizes subtraction skills and gets the children thinking about measures of ti... Read More »

Hey Hey this is my 100th Question : Do you remember how to use DOS?

Yes-Thats what they had in school when I was in school and it was hard for me to convert to windows but I found out windows is a lot easier to use-My first cpu was a IBM...

Activities for the 100th Day in School?

Celebrating the 100th day of school can be a way to include games, books and other special activities as an alternative to the everyday schedule. Observing this milestone day of school is a good wa... Read More »