What is that website from google that is black and saves energy?


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Ok me and some freinds were talking about how google saves your history and government can see what you search?

nothing wrong with it, if you are going to use their services then they have the right to do so. its like police can search your house if they think you might be hiding a bomb in their country

How much can we earn after registering our website with google adsense is it worth maintaning a website?

First of all Good Question.If you are in IndiaDomain / .org / .net - Rs.1200/- (1GB Space) (Domain + Space).in means - Rs.1600/- same as aboveFor Designing website for 5 pages (All... Read More »

How to Set Up a Website With Google?

Google provides a free service for anyone to set up their own website. The Google Sites service allows non-programmers and those with no background in web design to build attractive web pages. The ... Read More »

What does .com mean in a website like what does the com mean?

commercial org = organizationgov = governmented = education