I'm supposed to write an essay in the first person, what does that mean It dosen't apply to me.?

Answer Pretend that you don't have insurance. Imagine how that would effect your daily decisions and write about that.

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According to a commercial I saw Buffy was supposed to end after season 4 does anyone know what happened that it got renewed not that I'm not happy about it but still?

Buffy continued for a total of 7 seasons on screen. The first 5 seasons were on the WB network; season 6 and 7 on UPN. Seasons 8 and 9 have continued in graphic novel form, and are considered canon... Read More »

What do petition to modify mean for child supposed court.?

Answer petition to modify means you are asking the court to change a previous order, this way you can increase or lower child support, increase or lower visitation and contact, change the hours of... Read More »

How are you supposed to baby sit a sibling that does not lissen and tells you that your not the boss of him?

Find his weak spot. For example I'd tell him that I'm going to ring mum right now and she'll REALLY have it in for him. Maybe try (if they're older) that you're going to go making up embarassing st... Read More »

My hairstylist ran the edge of the scissors along my hair, cutting it. What was that supposed to do?

i do that to my hair all the gives your hair a more edgy look. don't worry, its just another way to cut your style of hair.