What is that stupid little YA video thingy?

Answer I dont know what it is, but I agree its verrrrry annnnnoyingmaybe if enough people star you. -in protest. YA will remove it for U

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Have you ever had a really stupid accident that you could have avoided by using a little common sense?

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Do you get banned for jailbreaking your iphone some people say that if i did the jailbreak thingy the applestore will ban me is that true?

No, that is not true. Jail broken iPhones still have access to the Apple app store. The only thing it will do is break your Apple warranty on your iPhone.

I need a video converter,but i know little about that?

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My Stupid Little Brother put a HUGE magnet on the computer screen! What can I Do?

If the monitor doesn't have a degaussing feature you can do it manually. A 60hz magnetic field will fix what the magnet did. You can use a small AC motor like a blender or something has, or a power... Read More »