What NBC late-night talk-show host inadvertently created an urban legend when he joked that Baghdad betty was demoralizing gulf war soldiers by suggesting that homer Simpson was making love to their w?

Answer Johnny Carson

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Can some one tell me what song is in the movie Matrix when Neo sleeps at the PC and he listens on head phones music What is that song?

Girls, what do you think of guys that do their eyebrows?

i dont think its gay i think its HOT!idk what it is but i really lik it!!! =]answer…

What does the song"Bob That Head"mean?

"Bob That Head" is a song by the country group Rascal Flatts. The song describes a man working hard for the purpose of equipping his truck with a quality sound system. The sound system allows him t... Read More »

Guys: what are some fashions that you hate that girls wear?

My guy friend sent me an email. I'll paste it:"Shannon, seriously, girls are becoming ridiculous. My sister went to the beach with her friends and wore JEANS. WHo wears JEANS to the beach?! And the... Read More »