What is that song from radio 1 on BBC 3?

Answer 0031 0107 0164 0004 0009 0044 0054 0000 0342 0003 0125 0015

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What is the dance song played over the BBC radio 1's advertisement of weekends on BBC radio 1?

Its on the tip of my tongue. Id have to get back at ya mate.

I went on holiday in italy and heard this really nice portuguese song on the radio rds.I saw the same song on?

You can't be serious. No way to know with the little info given.

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How much do radio stations pay for a song on the radio?

Traditional radio stations do not pay royalties to artists or record labels to play songs. However, Web-based radio stations must pay a royalty of $0.0008 per song. A coalition, including the Recor... Read More »