What is that song ?

Answer Mas Tequila by Sammy Hagar…Side note: Sammy Hagar from Van Halen used to own Cabo Wabo Tequila

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R&P: What's your favorite song that has a title that matches a lyric in the song?

let's face it, y/a is a disorganised joke when it comes to 'guidelines' and 'reporting'.if they're going to be strict about it, every other q asked in this section should be deleted, but then who w... Read More »

Who song the song and whats the name of the song that played on the "Young & The Restless" today?

they played this one...not sure if it's the one you want other side - keaton simons…

If your music taste can be represented by one song, what would that song be?

You asked for it:VINYL RECORDS by Todd Snider I’ve got a dusty old pile of vinyl records sittin’ on my floorI’ve played each one of ‘em over and over a dozen times or moreAll I’ve got is ... Read More »

What kids tv show sang the song that had the words Singing a happy song in it?