What is that picture of on Kenan Thompsons wikipedia page/?

Answer Probably because he's black. "Penis vandalism" on articles about black people is almost always racist in nature, given that out of well over a thousand (and some would say as many as 3,000) penis i... Read More »

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If we edit a wikipedia page and we add some wrong information in that page,will it be deleted by wikipedia?

More experienced users are notified of changes to pages that relate to their specialty, and they review them accordingly. If your information is simply lacking sources or inaccurate, it can be dele... Read More »

Why is that my updated wikipedia page come second to my previously deleted page on the same name when searched?

That's presumably just a quirk of the internal search engine; don't worry about it. No one has any manual control over the internal search engine results, and it doesn't take into article deletions... Read More »

How do I go about using picture from another wikipedia page?

To grow the commons of free knowledge and free culture, all users contributing to the Projects are required to grant broad permissions to the general public to re-distribute and re-use their contri... Read More »

Will someone add a picture for the Toyota Supra page on Wikipedia?