What is that largest restaurant chain in the world?

Answer according to another question ( who has the largest chain in the world), MCDonalds would be the biggest restaurant chain in the World

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What is your favorite chain restaurant that doesn't exist anymore?

I'm from Cincinnati too, lived in SC for 6 yrs now. When did they get rid of Hardees? I liked Zantigos, it was much better than Taco Bell

What is the largest house in the world that people live in?

According to The World's Biggests, the largest house in the world as of April 2010 is called Istanana Nurul Iman, which is owned by the Sultan of Brunei. It contains 1,788 rooms and over 2.1 millio... Read More »

Is there any chain restaurant that offer you some special food or drink on your Bday?

Burger King free. Red Robin if there is one by your town, free dinner. They are on the west coast.

What is the best US chain restaurant and why?

My husband & I rarely go out to eat, but anytime we are in "the city", we go to Outback. We usually only have appetizers & drinks....two-for-one margaritas & blooming onion. For fast food, we alw... Read More »