Is it possible to build a high speed train that can travel across the United States at 500 Miles per Hour?

Answer California plans to build such a train that travels upwards of 100mph from San Diego to San Francisco with a few stops in between like Los Angeles. I forgot what the project was called, but it is s... Read More »

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How to Convert Kilometers/Hour to Miles/Hour?

There are many tools on the internet that will convert directly from kilometers/hour to miles/hour, but most school teachers will require you to show your work or you may be looking for an explanat... Read More »

The force of a 60-mile per hour crash is times as great as a crash at 30 miles per hour?

Yes you can in most cases, you can look for Visiotrs Insurance and look for g1g on that site you can buy travel insurance in minutes. usually you can buy the insurance right up until the departure,... Read More »

What is the speed of a jet plane in miles per hour?

According to Boeing, a manufacturer of commercial jet airplanes, the average cruising speed of a 747 jet airplane is 565 mph. The Boeing 747 is constructed of high strength aluminum and tips the sc... Read More »

What is the speed of a jet airplane in miles per hour?

The speed of a jet airplane varies depending upon the manufacturer and type of the plane. The overall average speed for a jet airplane is 310 to 559 miles per hour, according to "The Physics Factbo... Read More »