What is that chinese chicken called?

Answer Sweet and sour chicken. That red neon glaze is sweet and sour sauce. There are tons of recipes online.This sentence is a dead giveaway - "The sauce could be the same one you dip spring rolls into..... Read More »

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Why is it that chinese people that own chinese shops are thin and yet when we eat their food it goes to our..?

it's not their food that does it, they eat it most of the time, our western diet contains alot of dairy produce and animal fats which they dont like, and we eat chinese as a treat not as a regular ... Read More »

What type of Chinese chicken is this?

It is sweet and sour chicken, often they have balls, and I really enjoy eating those with the sauce on them. Messy but tastes great.

What is the name of that old YTV show called with that ugly green puppet girl who called her dog Russer all the time?

HI...Can anyone tell me why chicken pox are called chicken pox?

There are many explanations offered for the origin of the name chickenpox: * Samuel Johnson suggested that the disease was "no very great danger", thus a "chicken" version of the pox; * the s... Read More »