What is that brown stuff they use for surgery?

Answer It is beta-dine surgical scrub, but as earlier answers indicated, the color is due to iodine.

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How do you get rid of that brown stuff...?

spray with tilex and use and old toothbrush. good luck

Possible first period Brown stuff...?

Yeah the brown stuff is mabey? ik when i.e. Frist started it was like the very Frist one later out turns to bright red or dark red blood

Is it normal to have brown stuff in your urine when you are pregnant?

Answer brown blood is considered old blood so it is considered fine. Although you should let your doctor know, normally they like to document any bleeding brown or red.

Brown stuff Is Coming Out Of my Vegina n its only been 2 weeks?

I have the sudden urge to go and bake brownies.Anyway, I concur with Dr. Pimp Stain..menstrual bits..congratulations, you are pergonewt!