What is that airplane game called where you can't crash into things?

Answer If the ticket happened in Ontario, any turn ticket has 2 demerit points. Even a ticket issued under a city/town bylaw. You can see a complete list of Ontario demerit points at Read More »

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What are those things called that kind of unfold into a cover for someone to get dressed?

try fold screen is what i think your talking about!!!

What was the game show called that was on a couple of years ago It was set up like a store and the contestants would have to run around and get different things in the store?

What is the cord called that is in the pc screen that has the pins and the 2 things to screw in?

Most people just call it a monitor cable. If you ask for that they will know what you mean. You can also search for it as such

What is the name of the film 70s80's where a family of aliens crash land into a lake?