What does 'Terminal Cancer' mean....?

Answer It means that the cancer cannot be cured, and cannot be stopped from advancing. Effectively, it means that the disease will eventually kill the person. However, it doesn't mean that there is noth... Read More »

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How would you tell someone they had cancer or a terminal disease?

Does bob barker have terminal cancer?

im happy to tell but i don't know maybe someone else knows plz forgive me!

What are the causes of stage 4 terminal brain cancer?

Researchers have discovered very few clearly identified causes of brain cancer. However, there are certain things that seem to be associated with the occurrence of terminal brain cancer.Cancer fro... Read More »

My friend lied about having terminal cancer?

She is a sick person, imo. My mom just died from terminal cancer, and it sure isn't anything to joke about. The emotional devastation is immeasurable! I wouldn't forgive her, personally. If it ... Read More »