What is term life coverage?

Answer Term life coverage is an insurance policy set up for a specific term. These policies can range from one year to 30 years. A term life policy can provide a significant savings when compared to other... Read More »

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How much is short-term coverage health insurance?

Short-term health insurance will vary greatly based on location, age, sex and medical history. As of November 2009, a healthy, non-smoking male under 30 averages $150 per month for a short-term pol... Read More »

What does the term"major medical"mean in insurance coverage?

The term "major medical insurance" refers to a health insurance coverage plan that covers a larger range of medical procedures and expenses than a standard plan. The coverage plan in a major medica... Read More »

How to Convert Variable Universal Life to Term Life?

Variable universal life is a form of life insurance that combines many features of whole, variable and universal life policies. These features include flexibility of premium, investment control of ... Read More »

Can variable universal life be converted to term life?

Variable universal life insurance policies cannot be converted into term insurance products. The process of conversion within the life insurance industry refers to the exact opposite situation, cha... Read More »