What is twenty percent of air?

Answer Slightly more than twenty percent of air is oxygen. Nearly all the remainder of air is nitrogen, with less than one percent composed of gases such as argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, and methan... Read More »

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What floor is the new york times press room located on in the new york times tower?

there are no printing presses in the times tower

What does the phrase"twenty-four hours"mean?

The phrase "twenty-four Hours" refers to a full day--midnight to midnight. People often use this phrase when referring to shop opening times or in place of saying the word "day."References:Audio En... Read More »

What to expect when a baby is born at twenty six weeks?

you can expect that your baby will be staying in the hospital for quite a while. and you can only visit it sometimes, you can have any chance of a virus or you will not be able to see you baby beca... Read More »

What was the percentage of babies switched at birth twenty years ago?

It's only available on cable. the channel will depend on your cable provider.