What is teflon tape?

Answer Teflon tape--the name of which is patented by DuPont--is also known as thread seal tape or plumber's tape. It is made from the chemical PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE). The tape is waterproof and pr... Read More »

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What is Teflon tape used for?

Teflon tape is a thin white tape used in plumbing to lubricate the threaded ends of pipes and to help ensure that a joint does not leak water. Connections should always be further inspected to chec... Read More »

Is Teflon tape OK to use with gasoline?

You should not use Teflon tape on fuel fittings or other areas in contact with gasoline, since gasoline will dissolve the tape and may cause hazardous leaks. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby ... Read More »

Is Teflon tape used on PVS pipes?

Although Teflon tape may be applied to PVC threaded fittings, its use is not necessary and should not be used on the pipe itself. PVC must be specially glued for a seal. Teflon tape is used in plum... Read More »

Can teflon tape be used on a gas pipe?

Teflon is an excellent seal for pipes supplying natural gas, and teflon tape can limit the loss of natural gas through the pipes. Some prefer, however, to use joint compound to perform the task.Ref... Read More »