What is tee tree oil used for?

Answer Tea Tree Oil History Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) has a proven history of over sixty years of safe usage. Tea tree oils record is unmatched by any other natural product.Our tea tree oil is... Read More »

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What is tree oil used for?

Tea tree oil can be used to treat infections, such as fungal infections like athlete's foot and nail infections. Tea tree oil is also used to treat vaginal infections, acne, eye infections and dand... Read More »

Neem tree has many uses.Have you ever used neem tree twigs for brushing your teeth?

Neem is an extremely useful tree. From roots to flowers every part of the tree is useful . It has not become as popular as it ought to be because for westerners synthesizing individual chemicals i... Read More »

What is PHC used for in tree fertilizer?

PHC is actually a brand name. It stands for Plant Health Care, Inc. This company makes nutrition products for trees. PHC products combine helpful fungus, bacteria and acids for adding to soil to ma... Read More »

What is the dogwood tree used for?

The flowering dogwood tree is considered an ornamental tree and is commonly used in both residential and commercial landscapes. This woody ornamental makes a great understory in forests and produce... Read More »