What is technological obsolescence?

Answer Technological obsolescence is when an electronics product becomes obsolete when a newer version, or a newer and/or better type of the same kind of of product becomes available.Obsolete means no lon... Read More »

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What are the environmental impacts of hardware obsolescence?

Some things that might get you started:426,000 cell phones are thrown out every year in the US.Chemicals from Batteries (laptop, cellphone, etc.) cause damage to just about everythingletter size pa... Read More »

Technological Tools for CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process and approach to customer relations that centers on learning about customers' business needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger and closer... Read More »

Technological Invention Ideas?

Coming up with a unique technological invention idea that can make life easier and benefit people (in general or in niches) is an ideal way to begin a small product-based business. By identifying n... Read More »

What Are the Technological Advances of DNA Analysis?

DNA is a carbon compound that resides in the cell and forms when DNA from both parents comes together upon conception. Any characteristic or function of the body is the product of DNA, even, at tim... Read More »