What is Bloom's Taxonomy?

Answer Bloom's Taxonomy is a classification system commonly used in curriculum development in all levels of education. It is particularly useful for developing test questions and standards of learning.His... Read More »

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Who is the father of taxonomy?

The "Father of Taxonomy" is the title given to the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778). Linnaeus developed his system of categorizing and naming living things (the "Systema Naturae," which w... Read More »

How to Use Bloom's Taxonomy?

Bloom's Taxonomy is a great way to help you learn new things and determine if you you understand the information fully or not.

How to Set up Taxonomy in Drupal?

Drupal's taxonomy feature is designed to help you categorize content -- whether with tags like those on a blog or with standard categories. Getting started and setting up your taxonomy in Drupal is... Read More »

Bloom's Taxonomy Projects?

Developed by Benjamin Bloom in the middle of the 20th century, Bloom's Taxonomy represents a hierarchy of interconnected critical thinking skills that Bloom and other educational psychologists used... Read More »