What is Bloom's Taxonomy?

Answer Bloom's Taxonomy is a classification system commonly used in curriculum development in all levels of education. It is particularly useful for developing test questions and standards of learning.His... Read More »

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What is the meaning of Bloom's Taxonomy?

Bloom's Taxonomy is an educational method for classifying the level of critical thinking necessary to complete a task. It is commonly used by teachers to help their students access higher level thi... Read More »

What year was Bloom's Taxonomy published?

Bloom's Taxonomy was published in 1956. It classified thinking behaviors into three domains, the cognitive, the affective and the psychomotor, with each domain further separated into up to six diff... Read More »

What Are the Three Types of Learning in Bloom's Taxonomy?

Bloom's taxonomy (or classification) of learning domains gives educators and managers a sense of how human learning can be categorized and maximized. By understanding Bloom's three categories of le... Read More »

What level of Bloom's taxonomy would decoding words fall under?

An activity that involves decoding words calls for an application of previous knowledge. It would therefore fall under the third level of Bloom's Taxonomy, which is called the application level.Ref... Read More »