What is tax deductible for homeowners?

Answer A tax deduction for a homeowner is one of the various itemized tax breaks that a homeowner gets to legally deduct when filing a tax return.Mortgage InterestThe interest paid on your monthly mortgag... Read More »

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Who pays the deductible with homeowners insurance?

With homeowners insurance, the homeowner (owner of the policy) pays any deductible amount owed. Each homeowners insurance policy has its own deductible amount, a cost that the homeowner must pay be... Read More »

Does the homeowners association have the right to keep settlement monies from the homeowners?

Your question implies that your association and its board pursued a cause of action -- whether through negotiation, mediation or a court of law -- and was awarded a cash settlement. Realistically, ... Read More »

Does homeowners insurance cover a homeowners fall?

You mean cover the owner who is listed on the policy? =No!

How to Remove Homeowners From a Homeowners Association?

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are created to manage the common areas of a residential development and enforce regulations on the use of a homeowner's property. Homeowners association membership n... Read More »