What is taught in kindergarten?

Answer Starting kindergarten can be a big adjustment for many children. Kindergarten students are expected to behave correctly with others and learn the basics of reading books, writing stories and comple... Read More »

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What Math Skills Are Taught in Kindergarten?

In kindergarten, students learn counting, grouping, measurement and other beginning math concepts. Help your child prepare for kindergarten math by introducing mathematical concepts to her every da... Read More »

What combat art is taught in the CIA?

The CIA uses a lot of Krav Maga and Judo, but prior to Krav Maga establishing its reputation, it relied almost exclusively on Judo, and it used "dirty boxing." It also uses some Karate moves, but n... Read More »

Who taught you how to cook?

I learned mostly from my dad, basics, mom was a boil or burn kind of cook. The rest I learned out of a need to survive my mom's overcooking everything till the fire department was called in to clea... Read More »

How can I become a self taught web designer?

You'd want to take a look at these:1. HTML and CSS, XMLfor your actual web pages-- the things that will show stuff to people who visit your website.For this, I recommend "XHTML Complete" from Sybex... Read More »