What is tattoo practice skin?

Answer Tattooing is an art and requires practice and talent. To tattoo you need to have the ability to draw, shade, color and design. Tattooing on skin is quite different from drawing on paper. Tattooing ... Read More »

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What are tattoo practice skins made of?

Tattoo practice skins are made of a rubber material that is treated and that resembles the look of human skin when it is shaved and free of imperfections. Pig skin is another material used, and is ... Read More »

What layer of skin does tattoo ink go into?

Tattoo artists insert tattoo ink into the dermis layer, the second layer of skin, because "dermis cells are far more stable than the cells of the epidermis," according to Fit Sugar.Source:Fit Sugar... Read More »

What are the most annoying types of questions that tend to be asked in the Skin and Body and Tattoo sections?

ANY question asking if it will hurt to get a piercing or tattoo. seriously now, its a needle either going through or over you skin...yes...its going to hurt at least a little bithow to give hickeys... Read More »

How to Make Red Tattoo Ink Stay on Skin?

Tattooing, the art of piercing the skin repeatedly with a small needle to deposit ink in the skin, requires upkeep for a healthy tattoo. Black and blue inks typically looks brighter longer than oth... Read More »