What is tattoo ink?

Answer Tattoo artists use tattoo guns to inject color pigments under the skin to create pictures or text. A tattoo artist may use special pigmented ink to create tattoos that remain invisible unless expos... Read More »

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Tattoo or no tattoo what do you think is too old or too young to get a tattoo?

under 18 is too young, over 100 is too old.

What tattoo is the one tattoo you would stay away from?

anything from girlfriends names - the crossed out one night stands names (like you say) also the really big hate for me is the CRAPPY Chinese letters - i mean come on lol these things are pathetic ... Read More »

I want to get a tattoo, but I'm not sure what tattoo parlor I can go to. Any suggestions?

Seriously even with consent no respectable artist should go near you as a minor. If you really want this so bad you should be able to wait, it won't kill you and you can do your own research into w... Read More »

What happens if you get a tattoo with bad tattoo ink?

Most of the time, the only downside is a dull tattoo. However, if the artist is using a bad ink that does not take well to the skin it could cause scarring. I recommend avoiding eBay at all costs f... Read More »