Whats taters precious what's taters eh?

Answer You can keep your nasty chips!

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What is the meaning of precious&semi precious stones?

Centuries ago, "precious" and "semi-precious" were terms used to describe gems. Precious stones were considered more valuable and scarcer than semi-precious stones. Value and rarity of gems have ch... Read More »

My little precious precious precious is having a birthday?

I think what you are doing is admirable. Obviously bowling is not a *suitable* and *appropriate* way to celebrate your lovely grandsons birthday. And I think the *pizza* is a horrifying idea, those... Read More »

What would you like with your taters , beans and corn bread?

I'd want it to mean something, so I'd thank you from the bottom of my heart -- and I have faith -- that you really are a loving person. Would you like that, if I wasn't being too much of a kiss-up... Read More »

When was the last time you had some mashed taters n gravy and a few buttered biscuits?

about two weeks ago now your making me very hungry are you cooking and sharing the food?