What is tapenade made from?

Answer Tapenade is a traditional Mediterranean spread made from black and green olives, capers, olive oil and anchovies. It is often served as a starter course, accompanied by crusty, white bread.Source:F... Read More »

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What is olive tapenade?

According to the Gourmet Sleuth, this olive and anchovy condiment originated in France. Olive tapenade is a spread made from finely chopped olives, oil and other ingredients and spices.UsesSpread o... Read More »

What is black olive tapenade?

Black olive tapenade is a spread made of olives, capers, olive oil and anchovies. However, the recipe is not strict, and variations are adapted for contemporary culinary uses.HistoryThough tapenade... Read More »

If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?

Baby oil is 100% mineral oil. It's a petroleum based product that's actually not good at all for either our skin or baby's. It'd be better to rub on the corn oil.

How to Make Tapenade?

Tapenade is an olive-paste which can be served as an appetizer or used as a condiment.