What is tallow triglyceride?

Answer Tallow triglyceride refers to the triglycerides that are the primary molecular elements of tallow, which is the solid fat extracted from animal fat and tissue, primarily from cattle and sheep.Tallo... Read More »

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What is partially hydrogenated tallow triglyceride?

Partially hydrogenated tallow triglyceride is liquid fat with hydrogen added to it, which makes it solid at room temperature and enables a longer shelf life, i.e., margarine or shortening.Triclycer... Read More »

What is tallow fat?

The use of tallow, a by-product of the meat processing industry, in U.S. food products is on the decline due to health concerns about dietary fat intake. Non-edible products, such as candles and so... Read More »

What is tallow acid?

Tallow acid is a fat compound that is typically found in beef and sheep and has been used primarily in the manufacturing of soap and other cleaning products, as well as candles, according to the Co... Read More »

What did indians use tallow for?

Tallow is a white, nearly tasteless solid fat obtained from cattle, sheep and buffalo carcasses which was used by the Native American Indians for many purposes. Tallow was used to soften hides whe... Read More »