What is tactile localization?

Answer The ability to remember and relocate a specific point on skin that has just been touched is referred to as tactile localization. This ability is greater in areas of the body with a high density of ... Read More »

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Wire Localization & Breast Biopsy?

There are several different methods for performing breast biopsies. The method used depends on the size, location and possible breast abnormalities. If a breast mass cannot be felt, radiologists us... Read More »

What is tactile imagery?

Tactile imagery is the description of how something feels, such as hot or cold, soft, coarse or slimy. It is the mental image or understanding that is provoked by the sense of touch.ImageryTactile ... Read More »

Tactile Ideas?

Tactile activities are excellent ways of engaging children who have sensory processing disorders, also called tactile defensiveness. Once parents determine that their children have this tactile dis... Read More »

What is a tactile learner?

The term tactile, or kinesthetic, refers to a way of processing information that often makes it difficult for students to learn. These individuals retain information more easily when given a hands-... Read More »