What is tactile learning?

Answer Tactile learning, also known as kinesthetic learning, is the learning style most related to the sense of touch. Tactile learners retain information best by hands-on experience. Although tactile lea... Read More »

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What is a tactile learning style?

Though learners use a mix of learning styles, one usually predominates. Kinesthetic and tactile learning represent 5 percent of the population and are often linked. The kinesthetic style means lea... Read More »

Tactile Learning Techniques?

There are three major ways people learn--audio, visual and tactile or kinesthetic. Audio learners remember best what they hear, visual learners remember best what they see, and tactile learners rem... Read More »

Visual & Tactile Learning Styles?

People learn through three main learning styles: audio, visual and tactile, also known as kinesthetic. Understanding these learning styles and their specific impact is important in order to effecti... Read More »

What is tactile stimulation?

If you have ever burned your hand on a hot stove, gone swimming or buried your face in your dog's fluffy top coat, you have experienced a form of tactile stimulation. The skin is the largest organ ... Read More »