What is tactile imagery?

Answer Tactile imagery is the description of how something feels, such as hot or cold, soft, coarse or slimy. It is the mental image or understanding that is provoked by the sense of touch.ImageryTactile ... Read More »

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What does imagery deal with?

yess it is but this is another way how to spell it.

Types of Vivid Imagery?

Imagery is a type of figurative language used by writers, music lyricists and other storytellers for descriptive purposes. This literary device helps readers connect more personally with what they ... Read More »

Guided Imagery Instructions?

When you feel stress, need solutions to problems or just have problems sleeping, guided imagery can be an ideal solution. Hospitals use guided imagery to prepare patients for medical procedures or ... Read More »

Sexual Imagery on Wikipedia?

I think your right!! It looks like close-up porn (how would I know) just kidding I'm 45 and seen better in live. I agree wikipedia is not the place it isn't something a person thinks or would do pa... Read More »